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Atlantic Canadian fibre arts blogs
Celtic Cast On, Sussex, NB
Chrissi's Quilts, Miramichi, NB
Jackie, Fredericton, NB   
Jilly's Space, New Brunswick (Quilting)

Features on New Brunswick fibre artists

Tips on discovering and eliminating bedbugs
With bedbugs high in the news, here are tips from Pest Control Canada on how to handle the small insects.
Fibre arts have gone Hollywood!
Knitting has become so hot, even Hollywood's top actresses are picking up the sticks! Material Girl Madonna has been seen making her own knitted goodies, and leading lady Julia Roberts is producing and starring in a movie about the hobby. The Friday Night Knitting Club is due for release June 6, 2008.
Did you know Canadian silver screen legend Mary Pickford was among the first celebrities to pick up knitting needles? In 1925, she knit between scenes of her latest movie to support Red Cross war relief efforts.
Some of today's leading ladies who enjoy fibre arts include actress Reese Witherspoon who collects embroidery and antique lace, Catherine Zeta-Jones, who knits and embroiders, and Wheel of Fortune favourite Vanna White, who crochets afghans for friends and family while awaiting her time on stage. Years ago, Mary Tyler Moore embroidered during waits for her turn on stage. She gradually completed the cushions for a divan and matching love seat during her years on the Dick Van Dyke show. And hang on to your hats, real mean really do fibre arts. Actor Bruce Willis was a sheep farmer in his pre-movie days.
Other famous Hollywood stars to enjoy a few leisurely hours with their knitting include Madonna, Iman, Hilary Swank, Cameron Diaz, Daryl Hannah, Goldie Hawn, Eartha Kitt, Winona Ryder, Julianne Moore, Rose McGowan, Kate Moss,
Madeline Albright, Megan Mullaly, Sarah Jessica Parker, Joanne Woodward, Bob Mackie, Stu Bloomberg, Rosie Grier, Russell Crowe, Tyne Daly (Judging Amy)
and Janet Wright (Corner Gas).
Still more creative people who knit while carrying out their more famous roles include Betsy Ross, authors Jane Austen, Edgar Allan Poe and Gertrude Stein, and inventor Thomas Edison. 
Looking for a new challenge?
If you're a fibre artist who enjoys knitting, felting or similar crafts, then Devine West Ranch would be pleased to hear from you.
 In their goal to be the best fibre farm from which to get exotic fibre and finished goods, they are planning to open a farm store within the next several months. They are looking for knitters, weavers, etc. to make items for the store.  The farm owners would provide the yarn or felt and sell items on commission for the craftpeople.  The ability to design your own patterns would be a bonus.
If interested, please contact Jamie and Margot Roode, Devine West Ranch, 66 Devine West Rd., Erb Settlement, NB  E5P 3E8. Phone:  506-433-3301 or            506-434-3302; Email:; Website:
Calling all professional artists!


The New Brunswick Arts Board is still collecting the names of all professional artists residing and creating in New Brunswick. Although the Arts Board has been dealing with professional artists for some time, it is felt that there are no clear statistics concerning where they live, what they do, and what needs they have since they do not all apply for grants.

For an artist to be in the board's inventory, they need a copy of his/her resume and how to reach them (if not on resume). You can send resumes by email at, fax or regular mail. Their fax number is 444-5543 and their address is 634 Queen St, suite 300, Fredericton, E3B 1C2.


Loose threads

Funky fibre folks are up to all sorts of fun projects. Take a look at some of the wildest fibre art projects happening out there:
A Vancouver resident strives to wear only clothing and equipment she has made herself for one year. Follow her blog here.
Have your say
fibreQUARTERLY is an on line magazine covering Textile and Fibre Arts in Canada. They are planning an East Coast issue and are looking for a co editor who can help coordinate this issue and looking for story ideas.
This has been a free publication and as such has no source of income and doesn't pay. Contact Joe Lewis, editor: fibre
Quarterly E-Zine for Canadian Fibre Artist
Stitch and Pitch
Knitters are combining their love of balls of yarn and baseball in the growing Stitch and Pitch trend. Fans are stitching while the players are pitching, cheering all the way!
Wine, wool and sommoliers
Young sheep are being used to help with the vital and often time consuming job of wine production in the Niagara region. An Aug. 15 article in the Globe and Mail newspaper outlines how sheep feast on the lower leaves of the grape vines, exposing the valuable green fruit to the sun to assist with the ripening. Vineyard owners like the animals as they are thorough, only eat up to their 30 inch height, leaving the upper leaves, and avoid the sour unripened grapes. Traditionally, the job of stripping the vines is done by imported farm labour, while this method is cost effective, well done and much easier on human backs.
A Tank Cosy (Maureen Power, a fashion student studying in London, England, covers this symbol of war with the hundreds of knitted squares as part of her thesis)
Some sweaters you wish you could live in. A Vancouver firm has taken that idea and run with it. Take a look at this giant project!
Turning knitting needles into magic wands -- As the world relishes the seventh and final book in the magical Harry Potter series, knitting fans have a way to feel a little closer to the boy wizard. The book Charmed Knits features patterns for clothing articles seen in the books and movies. Join other knitters in making items at this companion blog as you discuss what will happen next in the hottest children's series in years!
This is a great way to use up cotton fabric scraps, no? There are companies turning recycled denim into insulation batts for buildings! This is one of them.  
Hollywood's The Knitting Factory is one of Tinseltown's hottest venues for live plays and productions.
* * * * * * *
Word of New Brunswick fibre arts is appearing in many different media. Some of the recent articles are:
Saltscapes  January/February 2005 (spinning, dying, etc)
East Coast Living  Fall and Winter 2005/06 (decorative quilting)


Take a look at some of these great New Brunswick fibre arts shows!

Elm City Quilt Guild 2006 quilt show , Fredericton

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You seriously consider replacing your lawn mower with a pair of sheep. It’s cheaper, the grass gets trimmed and look at all that raw fibre on the hoof! Not to mention freeing up Saturday mornings for more fibre shopping!