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Fibre Arts winners
2005 Emerging Artist of the Year    Whitefeather of Fredericton
--established in 2002 by the New Brunswick Foundation for the Arts and the Oudemans family to promote advanced studies in craft or visual arts.
Fibre Arts Winners
2004    Alison Murphy, Hampton
--offered by the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design to one of its graduates
A $1,000 grant given annually toward post-graduate study costs at a recognised institution or with a recognised private instructor for the purpose of pursuing a career as a professional artist or an arts professional
Send applications to: Oudemans Scholarship, c/o the Principal; New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, 457 Queen St., Box 6000, Fredericton, N.B.  E3B 5H1
Strathbutler Award
--New Brunswick's premier art award sponsored by the Shiela Hugh Mackay Foundation.
Fibre arts winners
2008   Tapestry maker Ana Torma of Baie Verte, 
weaver Linda Brine of Fredericton was a finalist
1995   Nel Oudemans, Fredericton  weaver
2004   Janice Wright Cheney, Fredericton
* * * * *
Sheila Hugh MacKay Foundation


As in previous years the Foundation will present three major awards in 2009:


1) The $15,000 Strathbutler Award for excellence in visual arts or fine crafts to a person who has contributed significantly to the artistic community in the province.  For the first time, three other candidates who are short-listed for the Strathbutler Award will receive $1,000 each.


2) The $4,000 Fred Ross Award to a student graduating from a secondary school in New Brunswick who intends to pursue studies in visual art or craft at a recognized institution.


3) The $2,000 Nel Oudemans Award to a student or graduate of the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design


The Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation, Inc. is pleased to introduce a Five Thousand Dollar (5,000) Scholarship for graduate studies in the Visual Arts.  New Brunswick artists enrolling in a program of study leading to a Master of Fine Arts degree are encouraged to apply.

While this new, annual, scholarship is open only to New Brunswick residents, the course of study can take place at any recognized Fine Arts program at any location.

Submission for all awards must be sent by Friday, April 10, 2009, to:

The Sheila Hugh MacKay Foundation Inc.

P.O. Box 416

Saint John, N.B.

E2L 4L9


Award criteria and application forms can be obtained by contacting the Foundation at the address above or by phone (506) 693-5647 or email


They are also available for download at


The Sheila Hugh MacKay Foundation Inc. is a private foundation created in 1987 to promote the creation of, knowledge of, participation in, appreciation for, and accessibility to New Brunswick’s visual arts and fine crafts.  Although Sheila passed away in September 2004, the important work of her foundation is continuing and new initiatives are being planned.


For further information contact Rachel Brodie Venart, (506) 693-5647

Needlework New Brunswick offers two new prizes 
Needlework New Brunswick congratulates the winners of the two new prizes launched in association with the Kings County Agricultural Fair, Aug 19 - 21 in Sussex.
Starting in 2008, fibre artists have a chance to win the award for General Excellence as well as the Golden Needle award during Canada's longest running agricultural fair which marked 113 years this year.
The General Excellence title goes to Marion Anderson of Wards Creek, near Sussex, for having the highest number of points for her fibre arts entries. The Golden Needle title was won by Laura Stockdale of Drury's Cove, also near Sussex, for entering the most disciplines at the event. Well done to both our winners!

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