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Needlework New Brunswick

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This sheep is part of one of the 26 murals painted around Sussex, NB.

Did you know...
a quick reference for measuring fabric or ribbon is at your finger tips. The length of your arm from your fingertips to your nose is approximately one yard. And the length from your finger tip to the first joint of your index finger is approximately one inch. The widest part of your palm is roughly four inches.
the sewing and craft section of the Dewey Decimal system is the 640s.
to remember the difference between the warp and weft of a piece of fabric, the weft runs from weft to right (left to right) as you move warp speed ahead.
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The world's longest scarf is 33 miles long! It was created in Ty Hafan, Wales, as a fundraiser for a children's hospice. More than 2200 people helped create this amazing team effort.

Under the fence, catch the sheep, back we come and off we leap!
(Knitting verse to remember how to create a stitch)